About Us & Here

Amadell is a 501(c)(3) environmental conservation and education organization of North Carolina. We host retreats and other events on private property in WNC, about a 45min drive from downtown Asheville, NC in the Blue Ridge Mountains. With 100+ acres of forest with hiking trails, labyrinth, ceremonial fire circle, 3 buildings (sleeping 13-15), and an indoor gathering space for 15. Our promise is support and promote spiritual expression and connection with Nature.

Amadell is pronounced 'AH-ma-DELL'Ama is the Cherokee word for 'water' and is homage to our many natural springs and the indigenous people of the land. In several romance languages, 'ama' means 'I love you', which we thought fit just right as well. This being a small wooded valley, is a dell.


The Origin Story

Amadell was born of one family that was called to leave behind their expectations and go to these mountains to create a place to honor Nature and share it with the like-minded. In the summer of 2017 their vision was realized when they met this land and it has been slowly growing and expanding since. They’ve allowed intuition to guide them in what comes next. Each family member brings a different energy, interest, community, and perspective to the fruition of Amadell. It is truly an endeavor of love with the intention of the highest and greatest good for all beings.



Our Heart is Outdoors

Amadell is foremost a Nature sanctuary for plants, wildlife, and Spirit. With a combined 100+ acres and ever-expanding vision, Amadell is to protect and nurture this amazing and unique forest and help people connect with it. We are working towards achieving a formal conservancy / land trust for the area. Amadell is accepting of any spiritual expression that embodies our True Nature. We believe Nature, in her many forms, is our greatest teacher. We assist in cultivating, protecting, and care-taking the land in a way that benefits the Earth and our Source Energy.



Breathe & Rest well

Within Amadell are 3 buildings available for use: The Vista sleeps up to 8 with a large Gathering Room for events and mountain views; The Vale sleeps an additional 4 just beside it; and The Kumbaya Cabin sleeps up to 4 with its own private pond. For personal retreats, check for availability on our Airbnb listings page - let us know if you are specifically intending the time and space for meditation or creating art (of all mediums) as we would like to honor you in that use. For events, please contact us.



WHAT HAPPENS on the mountain

All our activities are best explained on our adventures page. We offer personal, private retreats on the property for cultivation, creativity, and healing. We also gather with communities of the like-minded and sometimes offer space for sacred celebrations. Lastly, we do invite select teachers and leaders to host events. If you are interested in hosting an event please contact us.