Get In Touch

Contact us using the information below. We spend quite a bit of time outside away from our electronic devices so please be patient as we hike back to respond.
+1 (828) AMADELL

(828) 262 - 3355


Sociable Hermits

We might hide away up on the mountain but we know how to use the internet (thank you, satellites)! Follow us on our social media where we post the latest news updates:



Private Property

Amadell is located on private property and is not open for visitors. For this reason we do not publicly disclose our exact location. To discover us, join in an adventure or event. If you have visited us before, please no not share our information and be sure you are scheduled in advance for every visit, otherwise it will be considered trespassing. Thank you for respecting our privacy and discretion. 


We're In Luck

Amadell is near Luck, North Carolina - a pinned location on Highway 209. Approximately a 45 minute drive from downtown Asheville, NC or a 35 minute drive from Hot Springs, NC. We are within a mountain 'micro climate' at almost 4,000 feet elevation but using Luck to check for weather is your closest bet.