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Astrology Readings by Pennye Scullin


Astrology Readings with

Pennye Scullin

Pennye Scullin has been consulting for her book of clients for over 25 years. With her insight and accuracy, she has an abundance of business that kept her from accepting any new clients for a number of years. She has chosen to make a special opportunity and open her schedule to new clients for readings while she is here visiting at Amadell.

About Pennye

Pennye was tutored by the former President of the American Federation of Astrologers and in her many years of study has also taught astrology to others at local schools. She has personally trained with Shirle Kiley, the founder of acrophonology (the study of letters and names based on the mystic biblical system of the Kabbalah) and taken a personal extensive study in numerology. She has also developed a keen sense of intuition that guides her readings as she has completed the entirety of the Rosicrucian curriculum. Pennye had her own TV show out of Atlantic City, NJ for several years and has been a guest on many major talk-radio shows over her career. She has also enjoyed being a guest lecturer on astrology for several large cruise ship companies traveling the world.

Book A Reading

Pennye’s readings are a combination of astrology, tarot, and intuitive insights she receives. Before your appointment she will request your date, year, time, and place of birth to create your natal chart. Readings are $150 for 1 hour which includes your natal chart and tarot. She will be available for in-person readings in a private space at Amadell in Luck, NC (also by phone) from 27 November to 02 December 2018, though not every day. A limited number of appointments are available so please book soon if you are interested. You can contact Pennye directly to make your appointment:

Pennye Scullin, Astrologer
Office: (207) 639 - 2515
Mobile: (207) 491 - 4696

For any questions you can also contact us at: