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Charley Castex: Original Bliss Retreat


Original Bliss: Charley Castex

22 - 24 June 2018

Announcing a special Summer Event, "Original Bliss". A three-day Spiritual Retreat hosted by Charley Castex, a globally spotlighted psychic. Join us for a magical immersion in Spiritual Empowerment and Intuitive Awakening classes. For more information on Charley Castex, please visit: 

Whenever you feel the warm glow of falling in love with existence, you are experiencing original bliss.
— Charley Castex

Your spiritual sojourn is a joy ride, not an endurance exercise. Before the age of reason, we are all driven by a singular desire to play. Whole hearted surrender to full sensory experiences are a big part of the human primary program for beingness.  Original Bliss is characterized by non-effort. As kids we don’t have to work at it, we get it instinctively, feeling filled with fun is our default spiritual state. Returning to Original Bliss begins with a simple remembrance- the bliss you are seeking resides within. It’s basically all about relaxing your focus on traumas and dramas and retraining your psyche to plug into the high octane, positive energy encased within the present moment. Innocence creates confidence, so practice total ease about being human.

  • The Five Stages of Spiritual Life: Insights into the mechanics and mysteries of the spiritual path.

  • Intuitive Awakening: An interactive tutelage experience on all things Intuitive. Charley will share effective hands-on strategies for tapping inner guidance and offer empowering advice for living sensitively in the 21st century.

  • Answers Forum with Charley: Personal guidance and support for your path.

Retreat Schedule

Please confirm details at:

Friday 06/22:

  • 5:00p: Registration opens

  • 5:50p: Welcome to Amadell and Intro with Marina

  • 6:00p - 7:00p: Opening lecture and short reading from “Original Bliss/A Psychic’s Perspective” by Charley Castex

  • 7:00p - 8:00p: Wine and Cheese Welcome

  • Self-catered dinner and free evening

Saturday 06/23:

  • Morning hike or schedule a massage with Grace

  • 11:00a - 12:15p: Original Bliss with Charley

  • 12:15p - 3:00p: Self Catered Lunch and free time

  • 3:00p - 4:30p: Becoming Visionary with Charley

  • 5:30p - 6:30p: Healing with Color meditation with Kathryn

  • 6:30p - 8:00p: Self-Catered Dinner and free time

  • 8:00p - 9:00p: Sacred Fire with Walter and Luz

  • 9:00p - 10:00p: Commune with new friends

Sunday 06/24:

  • 10:30a - 12:00p: Becoming Free / 5 Stages of Spiritual Life with Charley

  • 12:00p: Closure with Charley & Kathryn and group blessing led by Marina

  • 3:00p: Check out

You are welcomed to go for a hike, schedule a massage with Grace, or just enjoy the mountain until 3:00p on Sunday.  

"Original Bliss" Retreat Packages

The Complete Retreat Package includes all events on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. (Note: Lodging and meals priced separately, see below.)

  • Early Bird Registration before May 19th - $225 per person

  • Registration after May 19th - $295 per person

One and two-day retreat participants are also welcome to register.

  • Friday Event: an evening with - $75 per person

  • Saturday Events: includes 2 guidance sessions - $175 per person

  • Sunday Event: the final guidance session - $100 per person

Registration for this event with Castex Consultations International is required for entry to Amadell. To register, contact: 828-251-5043 or -- or use the button provided below. Also see:

[This event is completed, registration has been removed.]

Lodging and meals are not included in the retreat pricing. Limited lodging availability onsite at Amadell, options include: 

  • Twin bed in shared room with shared bath - $50/night
    Note: There are a maximum of 3 persons in each bunk room and all baths are ensuite.

  • Queen bed in private room with shared bath - $80/night
    Note: You may have 2 persons included for this reservation.

All lodging options will have access to a shared kitchen. Contact us for more information on meal plan options and grocery assistance. 

To inquire for lodging and meal plans, please email us at: with subject line "Original Bliss Retreat Lodging" - or use the button below. 

[This event is completed, registration has been removed.]