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Amchi Nyima, Traditional Tibetan Healer


We are honored to host Amchi Nyima Gurung from Jharkot in Mustang, Nepal. A formally trained Traditional Tibetan Doctor, he comes from a family medical lineage going back nine generations of personal physicians to the kings of Dzar Dzong. Amchi Nyima practices the Yung Dung Bön Tradition and Medical Knowledge of Zhang Zhung brought to this world by Buddha Tonpa Shenrab Miwo, from Tibet over 10,000 years ago, who manifested as the Sangye Menla (Medicine Buddha) to receive the suffering of all sentient beings. During his stay here at Amadell, Amchi Nyima will be available to offer treatments.

Traditional Tibetan Medical Offerings

  • Pulse Taking Consultation - $20 donation (10-30 min)

  • Tibetan Massage Treatment, Ku Nye - $100 donation (30-70 min)

  • Medicine Mantra Prayers - open donation

100% of proceeds directly benefit Monastic and Medical Centers in Nepal. Please help us support the health of this small Nepali village. 

Appointments are very limited, to request a reservation please contact: with subject line "Amchi Nyima Appointment" -- or use the button below. 

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It is suggested to receive a pulse reading before the massage treatment. His diagnosis will be in the terms of balancing the elements within the body. Please be aware Amchi Nyima's English is limited. The massage treatment involves various techniques which may include hot cupping, herbal rubs, or other practices. Since these are performed intuitively and specifically to your healing, it is not possible to say what exactly your treatment will entail or the exact duration of the treatment.  

The treatment will take place in one of the retreat buildings at Amadell in Luck, NC, about a 45min drive from Asheville, NC. You are welcome to come early or stay after your treatment to walk the labyrinth or the trails. We are also able to offer overnight accommodations in bunk-style rooms if you would like to stay in our sanctuary space to further integrate your healing. Please contact us for availability and pricing at: 

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