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Journey into the Dreamtime

  • Amadell Nature Sanctuary (map)

Journey into the Dreamtime

with Peter May, Grammy Award winning Sound Alchemist

A 3-day retreat, 10 - 12 May 2019 at the Amadell Nature Sanctuary in Luck, NC

Experience the gateway of Life Force Awareness by Journeying into the Dreamtime. The Dreamtime is a special realm for personal transformation and healing. Be a part of the international audience who have shared the alchemical Journeys of Peter May’s creation and facilitation.

This is an engaging event that utilizes plant medicine as well as plant song medicine to guide the Journey. (No psychoactive plants are used, however they may elicit powerful experiences.) We will work with specific botanical precursors followed by several types of botanical and mineral formulations that are activated by specific frequencies. This combination helps create greater connection and openness to Life Force and induces different brain wave states, including Theta and Delta. Then when entering into the Dreamtime, it promotes healing of body, energy, and mind. Non-linear awareness as well as connected memories, thoughts, or emotions may be experienced. Participants will learn to navigate these different experiences to increase their connection to Life Force Awareness, which supports the individual on their own “Journey”.

There will be time and space to review, integrate, and perform follow-up practices to complete the Journey experience. Participants may find that their ability to navigate varying states of awareness can increase, such as during meditation, dreaming, and during other natural states of mind. In many cases, it is important to not only become aware of these subtle energies, but also to stabilize one’s relationship with them and their newly expanded Life Force Awareness. In essence, we will be endeavoring to integrate into and reveal our true Nature of openness, luminous awareness, and genuine warmth.

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When you are ready to guide Life Force energies and nurture your connection with the Space of Natural Intelligence… you may then move beyond conceptual spirituality.
— Peter May

Event Schedule

Friday Evening

Introduction - An evening presentation about Life Force – what it is and how it can affect us. Plant music will be introduced as well as unique breathing practices, which are both designed to support the awareness of Space within and Life Forces. It is this awareness that will stabilize us when we enter the Dreamtime. As time allows, we will be become familiar with the special botanical and mineral alchemies that we will be using throughout the weekend.

Saturday Morning

Gentle Lightning Journey - The first bio-sonic alchemical centering practice and exploration of our connection with the Dreamtime using plant and mineral alchemical formulations, binaural frequencies, and music of living plants. Focus will be on identifying Life Forces.

Saturday Afternoon

Elemental Life Force Yoga – This supporting practice is effective in transformation of past painful experiences and other karmic tendencies, into positive qualities such as compassion and joy. Focus will be on stabilizing awareness of Life Forces.

Sunday Morning

Full Chakra Journey – A continuation of the exploration of our connection with the Dreamtime with a bio-sonic alchemical healing practice. We will specifically use additional alchemical plant and mineral formulations, binaural sounds, and the music of living plants to support this connection. Focus will be on expanding our awareness of Life Forces as we go in and out of the Dreamtime. 

Sunday Afternoon

Inner Alchemy – Concluding time for integration using the practice of Inner Alchemy. This experience is known for its potent healing effects on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual dimensions. Focus will be on complete integration of Life Force awareness.

**Between Sessions

Between teaching sessions there will be ample time to relax and enjoy the nature trails at Amadell. Throughout the weekend we will also have the incredible honor of having Amchi Nyima, a Traditional Tibetan Healer at Amadell with us. If you would like to request a session with him during the retreat, please do so by clicking here.

Event Registration

Teaching Fee

The entire 3-day retreat is offered for $ 297.
Saturday and Sunday teachings only are offered for $ 243.
Additional optional products will be be available for sale onsite during the retreat.


Lodging is available onsite at Amadell for an additional fee of $ 99.
Including both Friday and Saturday night in one of our upscale bunk-style rooms - one twin size bed in a shared room and shared bath. (Click here to see images of the rooms.)


This is a self-catered event. Please bring all meals, snacks, and drinks you would like to have for yourself with you to the retreat. Whether you are staying onsite at Amadell or commuting in each day, there will be fridge space and a kitchen for you to prepare meals for yourself - we have lots of room! There is a small diner down the road that has some hours on the weekend, but we are in the wilderness far away from other restaurants or grocery stores.


This retreat will take place at the Amadell Sanctuary in Luck, NC - about one (1) hour drive from Asheville, NC. Please click here to read Amadell’s Visitor Agreement prior to registration.

[Registration is now closed, the application form has been removed.]

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